DOVIA of the Sioux Empire

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THOMAS McKEE, owner of Volunteer Power

Thomas McKee, owner of Volunteer Power, will explore with us the new volunteer culture and how we can maximize our success.

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MELISSA JOHNSON, Owner of Oh My Cupcakes!, Co-owner of Oh My Word, and Author of "Fingers in the Frosting"

Melissa Johnson is an entrepreneur, a writer, and a storyteller from Sioux Falls, SD. Most importantly, she’s a mama of four children, ranging in age from 5-22. Owner of Oh My Cupcakes! and co-owner of Oh My Word, Melissa calls herself a Professional Encourager and cherishes opportunities to help build others up. Her book "Fingers in the Frosting" was published in late 2015 and she is currently working on her second book. 

Melissa is a lifelong learner, and an advocate for Sioux Falls as a community. She is perpetually on the hunt for that mythical creature called “Balance.” She’ll let you know if she ever finds it.